Timeless Memories 
                 by Trina
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We provide a variety of services to help you Build and keep your Memories close. With experience in crafts and jewelry, the 2 go hand in hand when creating a memory piece you can wear and have with you for years to come. Be it a school function, Family reunion, wedding or passing of a loved one. We can help you keep the memories alive with a custom Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings or Key-chain Other services are available on request. 

Charms: 925 Solid Silver, Silver over alloy, Gold over Silver, Gold
over Alloy. Gold ranges from 9K to22K.

 We carry Murrian & Murano  hand made Glass Beads, Chamilia, Silverado,  OHM, Bagio, Charms, with Many other available.

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